Merely $26 Million for Lehman Co-op

Two months ago, when the Corcoran Web site showed that Lee Anz Lehman's 11-room apartment at 2 East 67th Street had gone to contract, we wondered if the $32 million asking price had been met. 

It wasn't. According to deeds filed late last week in city records, the full-floor, 6,200-square-foot apartment only went for $26 million. That means a hefty discount for the buyer, Alvaro Saieh Bendeck, a financier and director of the Santiago Stock Exchange.

We wrote in February:

According to a broker who has seen the apartment, "all of those bathrooms need to be redone, and the kitchen too. And there should be a total renovation of all the systems," like wiring and air conditioning.

As recompense, Ms. Lehman's old apartment has a 484-square-foot dining room, according to the floor plan, as well as a long pantry (plus "butler's room") and a long kitchen, and then, naturally, a long "breakfast area."
And, even with the discount, the sale represents one of the most expensive Manhattan home trades so far this year.
Merely $26 Million for Lehman Co-op