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Jason Horowitz reports that John McCain’s major supporters are frustrated that Rudy Giuliani is getting a pass on his Iraq position.

Michael Calderone looks around at the White House Correspondents Dinner and learns that Paul Wolfowitz actually liked Rich Little’s Nixon jokes.

Chris Lehmann writes about the lameness of it all.

Joe Conason thinks Wolfowitz’s track record in D.C. is nothing to laugh at.

Steve Kornacki thinks Harry Reid is stupid like a fox. Nancy Pelosi too.

Horowitz talks to Al Gore’s supporters about the un-killable 2008 speculation and finds that they all say the same thing: He isn’t running, but if he does, I’m with him.

Spencer Morgan yuks it up at some after parties with Ariana Huffington, Andrew Sullivan and David Geffen in D.C.

Matt Schuerman looks at how Bloomberg plans to flood the city with new housing and how that “might even spark a price drop.”

Lizzy Ratner reports that the popularity of the mayor’s 2030 plan among environmental advocates “owes a good deal to the systematic and somewhat novel process by which these advocates were brought into the administration’s fold.”

And one on the fact that Keith Olberman has a fancy new condo on the East Side.

More in Today's Observer