Obama Bundler on "Low-Hanging Fruit"

The fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has the most money of all the Democrats hasn’t kept some of Barack Obama’s fund-raisers from gloating.

Michael Bauer, a key fund-raiser to Barack Obama in Chicago, told me earlier that the $60,000 he raised for Obama in the first quarter of this year was the “easiest money I’ve ever raised in my life.”

He said that the $24.8 million Obama hauled in during the first quarter amounted to “low hanging fruit” and said that he, personally, had already collected another $10,000 for Obama towards the second quarter filing.

“I’m going to raise 100,000 this quarter,” said Bauer. “I’ve never seen anything like this. People are calling me to ask if I am raising money and to ask if they can write checks.” Obama Bundler on "Low-Hanging Fruit"