Pelosi’s Trip

Nancy Pelosi¹s recent trip to Syria ­the one that has been widely panned by media sources across the spectrum was not just a display of bad politics, it was an example of poor judgment and dangerous policy.

From supporting Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations to unnecessarily meddling in the internal affairs of Lebanon, Syria has proven itself to be an untrustworthy nation bent on causing mischief in a notoriously unstable region of the world.

President Bush, the nation’s sole commander in chief, has deliberated over Syria’s actions in the Middle East and has chosen a policy of freezing out that country’s top leaders. Such a policy requires unity not only among America¹s allies, but especially among America¹s own leaders.

Despite her compromising rhetoric, Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Syria and meeting with President Bashar al-Assad are a clear display of disunity in America¹s foreign policy. Her mistake-laden representation of Israel¹s position on negotiating with Lebanon did not help, either.

Whether one supports or opposes President Bush, it is simply irresponsible and dangerous to have two people or branches of government running our nation¹s foreign policy. Speaker Pelosi is welcome (and expected by some) to disagree with President Bush at home but when she does so from abroad, it undermines the strength and legitimacy of America¹s foreign policy.

Pelosi’s Trip