Preston’s Urges: Is Naughty Male Model Jason Back With Marc Jacobs?

You can look, boys—but don’t touch! Marc Jacobs may be off the market again.

The 44-year-old designer, who has battled drugs and alcohol for years, entered an Arizona rehabilitation clinic in March, and then transferred to the luxurious facility in Malibu, Calif., after what off-again/on-again boyfriend Jason Preston called some “drama.” Mr. Jacobs’ first order of business upon completing treatment and returning to New York on April 20: taking Mr. Preston to Nobu.

“It’s my favorite place,” chirped the former escort, 26, reached by phone on April 23. (The couple has been dating for two years. There have been “like five break-ups”!) Mr. Preston wore jeans and a T-shirt to the restaurant, while Mr. Jacobs—tanned by the California sun—opted for a blazer and slacks. “Oh my God, he’s looking so hot!” gushed the younger man. “He’s doing amazingly well. Marc has found his way; he’s going to be sober for the rest of his life.”

While Mr. Preston declined to go on the record as to whether the couple is officially reunited, a source told The Transom that earlier last week, a decidedly not-sober Mr. Preston was bragging that the flames were burning between the two men once again. “He kept saying, ‘Marc’s coming back!’ He was really excited,” the source said. “Also, he was wearing that Marc T-shirt that has Marc’s naked body on it.”

Kate Waters, a spokesperson for Mr. Jacobs, said: “He and Jason are friendly but they are not back together.




Preston’s Urges: Is Naughty Male Model Jason Back With Marc Jacobs?