Rangel: Excited by Clinton-Obama

Charlie Rangel, the guy who said he helped talk Barack Obama into the presidential race, told Gabe Pressman this morning that he now thinks Obama should be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

In fact, said Rangel — who supports Hillary — a Clinton-Obama ticket would be “very exciting.”

Here’s the WNBC transcript of the interview, which will air on Sunday:

PRESSMAN: Would a Clinton-Obama ticket be very strong?

Rep. RANGEL: Wow. Well, I’m saying that.

PRESSMAN: You said wow.

Rep. RANGEL: Because I would find it very exciting. But I think that the
Republican bench is so weak that we could get by with more this time than if it was a very close election.

PRESSMAN: Would you lobby Obama to take the number two spot?

Rep. RANGEL: I don’t do that. And besides, you know, as I do, that people running for president, they never say they’re interested in the number two spot. I mean, they have to let you know that they’re running for president and that’s all they will consider.

PRESSMAN: Yeah, but all you’re doing is sucking your thumb and sort of
thinking about the future. You’re not he.

Rep. RANGEL: All I know is that I’m supporting Hillary and once we’re over the hill, I’ll be glad to get involved and see who would be the best candidate for us to win.

Rangel: Excited by Clinton-Obama