Romney Hits Jimmy Carter at Yeshiva

Mitt Romney spoke to Yeshiva University’s business school in Manhattan last night, talking about the threat of radical jihad, terrorism and Jimmy Carter.

“Take former president Jimmy Carter," he said. "President Carter thinks Israel’s security threats is the thing that keeps peace from coming to the holy land. Having just been to Israel, I came to the opposite conclusion. The security threats keeps peace in Israel."

Thunderous applause.

“Threats is how you prevent bloodshed and terror and violence,” he continued.

Two spokespeople form the University said students had sought to have Romney as a guest because of his experience in the private sector and invited him before he announced his candidacy.

But as a Presidential candidate, Romney seemed to be a tough sell for some of the students.

“Who is that?” one female student standing next to me asked when Romney was working the crowd before his speech.

I explained that he’s a Republican presidential candidate.

“I have a soft spot for Giuliani,” she responded.


“Because I’m from New York and I was here when 9-11 happened.”

  Romney Hits Jimmy Carter at Yeshiva