Rudy Returns

In the paper this week, I look at Rudy Giuliani’s adventurous return to the Manhattan, where he’s loved by Republicans and heckled by some fire fighters and September 11th families.

“The New York County Republican Party is very, very close to my heart, because it’s this party that gave me the original support to run for Mayor of New York City,” he said. “Remember?”

“We love you,” some guy yelled out at the $1,000-a-plate dinner at Cipriani.

After Mr. Giuliani left, former Manhattan G.O.P. chairman James Ortenzio, a medieval-cartography expert who had organized the night’s dinner, gave a speech in which he talked of the ancient Greek hero Themistocles, who saved Athens only to be banned from the city 10 years later.

Ortenzio said he discussed Themisocles as a parallel for his depature as county chairman, not as a critique of Mr. Giuliani. But where there parallels there?

“There are lessons to be learned,” he said. Rudy Returns