Rudy's Big Donors

While the Rudy filing may lack donations from the blockbuster Hollywood-type stars that one might find giving to a Democrat like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, there are a number of names that are, for various reasons, worth noting.

In no particular order of significance:

Samuel Zell, chairman of Equity Group Investments, who recently bought the Tribune Co newspaper company.

Just about the entire Rose family, one of New York’s most eccentric and powerful families

Wilma Tisch, the surviving widow of famed investor Laurence Tisch, and seemingly the only one in that powerful and politically active family in this filing.

Howard Rubenstein, p.r. master craftsman, who will probably be giving to others as well

John F. Antioco, Blockbuster chairman and CEO

Kenneth Aretsky, Patroon restaurant owner, former president of New York’s famous ’21 Club’

Alfredo Armendariz, chairman of ABC

Truman Arnold, owner of Century Bank

Steven Barnstein, NFL Network president and CEO

Vera Wang and her husband Arthur Becker

Richard Beckman, Conde Nast president

Anthony Bruno, CFO of the New York Yankees

Brian Cashman, general manager of the New York Yankees

And … Jenny Craig.

Let us know who we’re missing.

Rudy's Big Donors