Rutgers Basketball Team Shows Class

Freedom of speech is one our most cherished rights ­ one our troops fight every day to defend. The right to free speech makes us the great country we are. Unfortunately, it also means that people can say ignorant, hurtful and demeaning things as Don Imus did about the Rutgers Lady Scarlet Knights. As we¹ve seen time and again, the right to speech is no guarantee of “wise speech.”

What's really important here not just what Imus said, but how we react to it. New Jerseyans and people across the country should share the disgust over the comments, but we cannot let that take away from our support and appreciation of the team. The accomplishments of these young women on and off the court are to be admired. The dignity with which they have reacted to this uproar has been exemplary. New Jersey should be proud.

These young women have grit, determination and class. That's something Don Imus should try emulating. Rutgers Basketball Team Shows Class