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As anyone who’s ever tried it surely knows, singing along with Joni Mitchell — even with the car windows rolled down and the volume way up — is hard. Although she has a distinctive, ethereal, and sweet-pitched voice, it is perhaps best known for its inimitable roller-coastering up and down scales and octaves. So when we heard about an upcoming tribute album (available April 24), with an eclectic array of 12 artists, including Elvis Costello, k.d. lang, James Taylor, and Prince (!), our curiosity was piqued.

Happily, the Website features minute-long snippets of both the original songs and covers. This way you can preview some weirdly awesome interpretations: Björk’s “Boho Dance” or — our personal favorite — Sufjan Stevens’s “Free Man in Paris.” Maybe you’ll end up preferring some of the covers to the originals — either way, you’ll be reminded why Joni Mitchell deserves a tribute in the first place.

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Sample some wonderful one-off musical merchandise