Sheffield Rattles Neighbors’ Nerves

To the Editor:

“The Sheffield Conversion, Always With the Hold-Ups” [April 23] was a good story, but let me add that living on the same block with the Sheffield conversion is no picnic either.

Kent Swig’s development has been the subject of dozens and dozens of complaints by neighbors for little habits like obstructing the street and beginning construction at 4:30 a.m., despite city ordinances that say they’re not allowed to start until 7 a.m. (That went on for about a year—including Saturday mornings.)

Of course, after 7 a.m. they are so noisy that, inside your apartment, you can’t hold a telephone conversation because no one can hear you over the background noise. Then there have been the garbage complaints, because West 56th Street’s sidewalks are usually filled with Swig construction garbage.

Also, the union protests because Mr. Swig uses nonunion labor—the cursing, confrontational nonunion labor that routinely blocks traffic on West 56th Street (a major artery to midtown), inducing traffic jams and honking horns.

The Hearst Corporation managed to build an entire skyscraper next-door with less noise, less environmental pollution and less traffic obstruction.

I could go on and on, but then I’d probably sound like someone whose nerves are shot from lack of sleep and living next-door to what seems to be an illegal, 24-hour construction site.

Mary Lisa Gavenas

Sheffield Rattles Neighbors’ Nerves