Spitzer Gets Into National Politics

Eliot Spitzer has formed a new federal PAC to contribute to candidates for state and federal office across the country.

According to a reader, the governor’s finance people discussed the PAC, Excelsior Committee, at a breakfast this morning in Manhattan with approximately 75 potential supporters.

According to a reader, they explained that “because federal candidates can’t accept corporate funds, it was hard for Spitzer to support them with campaign funds and this federal PAC, which can’t accept corporate money, would be able to fill that void.”

According to another person familiar with the committee, the purpose is to “support other candidates across the country.”

The treasurer for Excelsior Committee is Jerry Barbanel, who is also the treasurer for Spitzer 2010. The operations are both headquartered out of the same offices at 330 Madison Avenue, 19th Floor.

— Azi Paybarah Spitzer Gets Into National Politics