Stuff you just can’t make up

Former Jersey City Mayor Gerald McCann is back: he won a school board race last week, fifteen years after being forced from office following his criminal conviction. He is due to take office on Monday, but the Jersey Journal is reporting that McCann is already calling for the ouster of Tom Favia, the head of the local teachers union.

Favia says the Jersey City Educaton Association spent $10,000 in support of three candidates — incumbent Angel Valentin, former NBA player Terry Dehere, and Jenny Garcia. Valentin and Dehere won, but McCann beat Garcia by just 21 votes.

But only McCann filed reports with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission that were due on March 19 and April 9. Dehere told reporter Ken Thorburne that he told ELEC this week that he was working on his filing, but Valentin and Garcia said that they were under the impression that the union would handle it.

Asked by Thorburne is he has ever filed an ELEC report, Jersey City Board of Education Chairman William DeRosa said, "I don't even know what that is." Stuff you just can’t make up