Sunshine Megatron Sells Soho Triplex for $5.35 M.

Two names are listed as the seller of a $5.35 million triplex penthouse at 597 Broadway, but they belong to one person: 33-year-old Sunshine Megatron, who legally changed his name last year from Aaron L. Schwarz after holding an online christening competition.

The unkempt Megatron place near Houston Street was a would-be Playboy Mansion. “I was supposed to combine them, but I never got around to doing it,” he said from Las Vegas, referring to the duplex he bought in December 2004 and the penthouse above that he bought a year later. Together, they cost $4,562,500.

Mr. Megatron made his fortune with the retail site (One typical tee says: “If a fat girl falls in the woods, do the trees laugh?”) Appropriately, he was planning to work with nightclub architect Steve Lewis to design “a full bar, with a hot tub, on the roof deck,” plus a backroom “just for hanging.”

But he abandoned his plans once costs began to triple, so he’s looking for new land in Hawaii or Vegas or California.

Back in Manhattan, he footed the renovation bill for his condominium’s lobby, and yet lived in his uncombined apartments with an air mattress, a little plastic desk and a basketball hoop: Just like Big, except Mr. Megatron is sleazier than Tom Hanks.

“It was a little funky,” said John Harrison, one of the Corcoran Group listing brokers, referring in particular to the penthouse’s low ceilings and staircase to the deck.

The buyer, according to city records, is businessman Philippe Chambon. “When you spend the millions of dollars, which the new buyers are going to do,” said the broker, “you’re going to end up with something tremendous.”

Too bad it won’t be Sunshine Megatron’s tremendousness.

Sunshine Megatron Sells Soho Triplex for $5.35 M.