Sweeney: Just a Family Problem

In one of his first interviews since losing a re-election campaign in his upstate district last year, former Representative John Sweeney said that a 911 call made by his wife where she complained that he was “knocking her around the house” was “simply what happens sometimes in families.”

Speaking on WROW just now, Sweeney said that when it became public that a 911 call had once been made by his wife, “We didn’t deny that a call was made. We didn’t deny there had been problems in my family at that particular time.”

Sweeney said he still isn’t sure how the call was made public.

“As of today, we still haven’t gotten a conclusive report back,” he said. “We know somebody violated the law. They know somebody violated the law. Probably from within the New York State police, but it may have been within some other law enforcement entity that had access to this information. And we may never get the final story on that. ”

— Azi Paybarah

Sweeney: Just a Family Problem