The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday


  • The new 64,000-square-foot Park Slope Whole Foods is supposed to open next summer, though the construction site [above] isn’t looking so good. Why does the place appear toxic? Because it is toxic. [Gowanus Lounge]
  • Rochester is so hot right now: It’s the only city in New York State to make it into the top-five list of hottest cities. [CNN/Money]
  • Poor Atlantic City won’t make it into that rarefied group anytime soon, but at least it’s getting some help. An entire block of the famous Boardwalk will get facelifted, with new features recalling “seaboard pier architecture” and “art modern of the 1930’s.” [Interior Design]
  • Trump’s favorite designer, Costas Kondylis, is building a petite Upper East Side condo, whose glassy facade cost a cool $1 million to build. Better yet, something called “computer brains” will control each condo apartment’s audio-visual components. [Real Deal]

    Max Abelson

  • The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday