The Bloomberg Surplus

The mayor will deliver his executive budget later today, days after unveiling his ambitious master plan to manage the city’s growth.

One of the interesting things to watch will be the number he presents as the size of the surplus, estimates of which have been readjusted upwards to about $4.4 billion.

City Council members have argued that it's higher, with discrepancies over things like how to account for the more than $1 billion in the mayor has already earmarked for future costs like health care costs and debt servicing.

Also, for all of his future planning, it will be worth watching whether the mayor carves out anything that can be characterized as a give-back to taxpayers.

[Update] As a reader points out, this must be said to include the tax cuts Bloomberg laid out in January.

[Further Update] David Weprin, chair of the Council's finance committee, told me they're estimating the surplus at $5.2 billion. 

(Predictions are welcome.)


  The Bloomberg Surplus