The British save American comedy – again!

The problem with most American film satires — think anything the Zucker brothers have made since the Naked Gun sequels or any of the 37 Scary Movies — is that all they do is parody other films. So leave it to the British — the creators of this decade’s great comedies, from The Office to Borat — to once again resuscitate a moribund genre.

The British comedy Hot Fuzz (opening 4/20) is a
smart send-up of the cop-movie genre, but you don’t need any knowledge of cop movies to get it.
Written and directed by the
team behind the terrific zombie-invasion satire Shaun of the
Hot Fuzz takes aim at the smash-cut cinematic styles
of Guy Ritchie and Michael Bay, while actually telling a good, witty
story about a London police officer reassigned to the humdrum

If you recognize the film’s allusions to over-the-top dramas such as
Point Break and Bad Boys, great; if not, you’ll still
laugh at a guns-a-blazing final act in which no one actually gets

“>WATCH the trailer for Hot Fuzz

“>WATCH the video blog of Hot Fuzz star Simon Pegg (registration required)

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