The Importance of Being Jamison Ernest

Renaissance man Jamison Ernest is planning to open a bar on 11th Street and Avenue A. Named Angels and Kings, and scheduled to open April 30, it will be a “rock ’n’ roll bar, straight up,” he said.

Mr. Ernest, perhaps best known for his fashion label, Yellow Fever, also has a band called Yellow Fever; his own record label, Brooklyn Beats Records, under the Warner Music Group; and a model girlfriend, Linda Vojtova. He will soon make his acting debut, in 13 Tzameti director Géla Babluani’s new film.

 “I don’t want to be titled as anything,” Mr. Ernest said of his many interests. “If I’m going to be titled anything, I want to be titled a ‘creator.’ If you look at Warhol, Warhol made art, but at the same time he was an illustrator and had a magazine and was making films. As long as I stay sincere to my beliefs and stay sincere to whatever I’m doing, I can do whatever …. At the end of the day, at least I’m not sanding floors in Brooklyn anymore. That’s all that matters.”

Eager to ensure his legacy, Mr. Ernest has also placed samples of his sperm into a storage freezer and compiled a list of lucky women eligible to be fertilized by them (rest assured, Ms. Vojtova—you’re at the top!). “If anything happens to me, the sperm inherits everything,” he said. The Importance of Being Jamison Ernest