The Light at the End of Second Avenue


Ground was broken Thursday morning for the long-awaited Second Avenue subway in a dim four-block long tunnel under 99th Street, a remnant of an earlier attempt to build the line.

Actually, as befitting a project that has become the Charlie Brown of public works, the real work won’t begin for a few weeks. All that really happened was that 11 public officials took hand-held picks and knocked holes in a fake wall to make it look like this:


But with 11 officials, from the Governor on down, all saying that this time is the real thing, who could doubt that in six years, the tunnel would stretch down to 63rd Street and up to 96th Street, carrying 190,000 New Yorkers a day?

Mayor Bloomberg, however, could not make it. He was at the Cincinnati Police Academy, signing a letter with 14 mayors from Ohio and Kentucky urging the repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment.

What, have you not heard of the Tiahrt Amendment?

Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff attended in the Mayor’s stead.

Matthew Schuerman The Light at the End of Second Avenue