The Morning Read: April 17, 2007

The gun control debate is back in the spotlight after the shooting at Virginia Tech.

Gun control is an issue Democrats have to face, according to a former aide to Chuck Schumer.

The Daily News editorial board said the gun laws should be tightened.

Rudy Giuliani canceled a campaign appearance at Pat Robertson’s university because of the shooting.

Alberto Gonzales’s appearance before congress was also cancelled.

Hillary Clinton spent more than $1 million in 90 days on consultants.

One of Hillary’s top fund-raisers is Rep. Nita Lowey.

$50 million a year in Medicaid is spent on 500 patients in New York for detox treatments.

Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers unveiled tough new laws for the student loan industry.

David Paterson’s step-daughter visited Cuba when she was a student at Beacon High School, where a teacher is under criticism for making a similar trip this year.

Charles Hynes estimated that the state loses $709 million a year in health care fraud.

Floyd Abrams said Raul Felder “can’t be dismissed simply because he wrote a book that has disagreeable ideas.”

If only Frank Morano could convince Stephen Fiala to get on board with the Fiala for Comptroller campaign.

That was fast,” Clarence Norman joked after being sentenced to additional jail time yesterday.

And Jonathan Chait thinks Ari Fleischer is still a hack [subscription].

— Azi Paybarah The Morning Read: April 17,  2007