The Morning Read: April 18, 2007

Glenn Reynolds, a professor and blogger at Instapundit, has an op-ed saying, “If there were more responsible, armed people on campuses, mass murder would be harder.”

Hillary Clinton knows how to bring home the bacon.

Democratic White House contenders are struggling with their gun policy positions.

NJ Governor Jon Corzine’s car was traveling 26 miles per hour over the speed limit when it crashed.

A big base of Rudy Giuliani’s campaign donors is Texans [subscription].

Eliot Spitzer wants to lower campaign contributions and says legislative pay raises are “not on the table.”

Sheldon Silver gave out as much pork this year as he did last year.

Larry Seabrook, James Sanders and Charles Barron have the worst attendance in the City Council.

Hiram Monserrate honored the founder of Scientology with a City Council resolution.

Al Sharpton avoided contradicting himself by rescinding an honor for a rap music executive.

Scott Stringer wants the area around Columbia University rezoned.

Jonathan Hicks looks at the Diaz family and why they don’t get along politically.

And Richard Lipsky said the problem with school trips to Cuba is that they’re not educational.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: April 18, 2007