The Morning Read: Friday, April 28, 2007

Steve Kornacki writes up last night's debate and says that Hillary Clinton won because nobody else did.

Ben said Hillary maintained her presidential aura while Obama stumbled a little on foreign policy.

The state GOP chairman is blocking Republican lawmakers here from endorsing Rudy Giuliani.

Clyde Haberman looks at Giuliani’s “right turn” on the presidential campaign [subscription].

George Tenet has written a book saying his old White House colleagues failed to have a “serious debate” about Saddam Hussein.

This year’s city budget negotiations will likely be more contentious than in previous years because Mayor Bloomberg did not include some council proposals in his presentation yesterday.

David Yassky said the city’s budget surplus is higher than Bloomberg’s estimation if “you’re counting fair.”

The surplus won't make negotiations with the police union any easier for the city.

But high-performing schools could get a boost in funding.

Eliot Spitzer wants to give raises to judges but not to lawmakers.

Out of the 76 votes needed to pass a gay marriage bill out of the state Assembly, advocates say they have the support of 61 members.

And The Post is getting more expensive. The Morning Read: Friday, April 28, 2007