The Morning Read: Friday, April 6, 2007

Mike Bloomberg backed away from a health department plan to advocate circumcision as a means of reducing the spread of AIDS.

A contractor with ties to the mob and Bernie Kerik probably shouldn’t be working on the new Yankee Stadium, Bloomberg said.

The Daily News editorial board wants Andrew Cuomo to put aside his personal opposition to the death penalty and help the Queens District Attorney.

Mike Gormley looks at Eliot Spitzer the candidate versus Spitzer the governor.

Betsy Gotbaum wants more seats in city public schools.

Reverends Calvin Butts and A.R. Bernard are teaming up with the guy who wanted to buy Starrett City.

Christine Quinn’s budget proposal is $61 million higher than the budget Mike Bloomberg proposed.

The police department will get a new $1 billion facility in Queens.

Mitt Romney leveraged his own money in order to raise contributions for his presidential campaign.

Governor Jon Corzine asked his ethics adviser to review recent labor contracts to see if they were influenced by his relationship with a union leader, Carla Katz.

Barack Obama will be in New York on Monday to raise more money.

And Tom Cruise will raise money here on April 19 for a Scientology-based New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project.

— Azi Paybarah

The Morning Read: Friday, April 6, 2007