The Morning Read: Monday, April 23, 2007

Mayor Bloomberg unveiled his master plan for the city.

Which should help city residents with long commutes.

Some transit workers get around by car.

The Daily News editorial board called congestion pricing “the wave of the future.”

The Sun’s editorial board said, “These are bold proposals that represent the best in city government.”

The plan would also include building new housing on top of rail yards and “even congested highways.”

Bloomberg, writing in Newsweek, said Congress is “handcuffing” police departments investigating the flow of illegal guns.

Councilman David Yassky said that the 2008 candidates are leaving a big opening for Bloomberg on this issue.

Bloomberg’s top aide has met with the chairman of the state’s Independence Party to discuss a 2008 presidential run.

Governor Spitzer has a new legislative priority: gay marriage.

Spitzer’s campaign finance reform may come with complications.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board wants Spitzer to stop acting like the state’s attorney general. [subscription]

Rudy Giuliani spends more money than any other candidate on hotel bills.

Bill Clinton would be a roaming ambassador to the world in wife’s presidential administration.

Former Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari got $1.5 million in lobbying fees from people who wanted to build a NASCAR race track in that borough.

And NY1 anchor Dominic Carter discusses his self-published book and says he’s better than Anderson Cooper. The Morning Read: Monday, April 23, 2007