The Morning Read: Monday, April 30, 2007

Barack Obama and Hillary  Clinton trash President Bush while going after his donors.

The Washington Post profiles Hillary's chief strategist Mark Penn, who has consolidated his power" and is "taking increasing control of the operation."

Obama's relationship with his pastor, and his faith, feel the pressure of the campaign trail.

The New Yorker takes a lengthy look at Obama.

Obama is "a mouse," John Edwards is good at yoga and Donald Trump is very spiritual, according to Russell Simmons.

Al Gore has hired an operative with presidential campaign experience.

Robert Kennedy said Karl Rove was literally spitting at people recently.

The Times editorial board wants Albany to support congestion pricing.

Congestion pricing is a "compelling idea," according to The New Yorker.

New York magazine looks at the mayor’s master plan.

Bill Clinton pens a good-bye to Boris Yeltsin in the Times.

Illnesses stemming from the
World Trade Center debris are being felt beyond New York.

Two transit workers were killed recently in separate accidents.

Bloomberg will skip a major Republican fund-raiser in
Manhattan on May 17.

Bill Thompson shaved his mustache, demonstrating, maybe, that he'll run for mayor.

Assembly Democrats joined state Senators in pushing for pay raises.

Errol Louis laments the legacy of crooked elected officials in

David Yassky pens a column saying the city's Health Commissioner should but out of educational issues at parochial schools.

Five regular New Yorkers tell Jacob Gershman what
Albany should be doing.

And the U.N. has a blogger.

The Morning Read: Monday, April 30, 2007