The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Black officials in New York may be drifting away from Hillary Clinton and towards Barack Obama.

Families of September 11th victims and rescue workers protested outside Rudy Guiliani’s event in midtown yesterday.

Eliot Spitzer plans to barnstorm the state and attack Senate Republicans who oppose campaign finance reform.

Spitzer said he doesn’t think “there is a realistic shot” of passing a bill legalizing same sex marriage, but he’ll introduce the bill anyway.

On same-sex marriage, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said, “It’s irrelevant whether I personally support it or not.”

Legislative leaders are not on board with congestion pricing.

As Bill Hammond put its, “If Mayor Bloomberg thinks the traffic in Manhattan is bad, just wait till he runs into Albany gridlock.”

Bloomberg is in Mexico today, the fourth country he’s visited in as many months.

City principals reached a contract deal that’ll increase salaries by 23 percent in exchange for longer work days and detailed performance evaluations.

The Daily News editorial board likes the deal.

Nicole Gelinas is skeptical about some of the mayor’s proposals for PLaNYC.

There are resolutions in the City Council and legislature asking New York to apologize for slavery.

At least one gardener at the Port Authority made $102,700 last year.

The words Ho, bitch and the n-word were banned by rap executives yesterday.

And Carl Bernstein interviewed more than 200 people for his 640-page book about Hillary. The Morning Read: Tuesday, April 24, 2007