The Morning Read: Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Several states are considering ways to limit robo calls.

Rudy Giuliani said in New Hampshire that the strict gun laws he advocated in NYC may not work elsewhere.

Michael Goodwin thinks Barack Obama needs a new campaign strategy.

Mayor Bloomberg was in Mexico seeing how the anti-poverty program he wants to adopt in New York is working in the city that started it.

The lights in some city buildings stay on all night.

A study says Staten Island could retain more of its youth by building affordable housing near the ferry.

President Bush was in Harlem yesterday pushing his education bill and singing the praises of Rep. Charlie Rangel and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.

Bush also raised more than a million dollars at a Park Avenue fund-raiser.

Joe Bruno said Eliot Spitzer is a spoiled rich kid.

There’s a power struggle in Albany over the same-sex marriage bill.

Upstate Republican Assemblyman Mike Cole may face sanctions for watching a hockey game at a bar with an intern.

Chase Bank may move employees to Connecticut if it doesn’t get more subsidies to build near Ground Zero.

The Port Authority may build a new bus terminal in midtown.

Mathieu Eugene won, again, a special election in Brooklyn, but may not take office until the vote is certified by official in mid-May.

And today is Eugene’s birthday. The Morning Read: Wednesday, April 25, 2007