Tonic Debacle Still Not Over

11:36 AM: “The music is starting here. marc is playing. Come on down. We’re in the club. Come on in.”

12:46 PM: “Ned rothenberg, jerome harris and jim pugliese are playing now. We’re in the club. Please come down now. We need your presence…”

1:45 PM: “John King has just played; Roy nathanson has stopped by. come on down”

2:56 PM: “We hear that the landlord is coming soon to take possession of the building. Come down and hear music now!”

3:04 PM: “Matthew shipp is playing. Come down.”

3:28 PM: “Marco carppelli is on stage again”

4:13 PM: “Police have arrived. Do not come now.”

4:57 PM: “Marc and Rebecca have been arrested for trespassing. The demonstration is over. We’ll keep you updating. Please sign our petition…”

6:08 PM: “Because the landlord refused to take possession of the building unless it was completely vacant, Marc Ribot and Rebecca Moore were arrested for criminal trespassing about 4:50 this afternoon. The police were sympathetic to us; and chances are that they will be released with desk appearance tickets in a few hours — meaning that they will have to show up in court in a few weeks, but otherwise are free. Thanks to all of you who came down today to make our demonstration the lively and peaceful affair that it was; and please watch this
space: we have plans for a City Hall press conference discussing the closing of Tonic on Tuesday.”

6:44 PM: “Please visit our web site to see photos of the arrest — I will be updating the site with information as I know more.”

8:48 PM: “Rebecca and Marc are out…And are having a drink with us at Sunita’s bar”

Tonic Debacle Still Not Over