Torricelli on Imus

It's all so predictable. An idiot shock jock makes outrageous and bigoted comments and African American leaders demand that he be fired.

The only difference is that the shock jock is Don Imus. The offended party is the Rutgers Women's basketball team. During the most important moment of their lives, after years of hard work and struggle, they had to endure the comments of this fool.

Now I'm waiting. These young women deserve for other voices to be heard. They can't be impressed that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton speak out. That would be expected. These young women must be waiting for the establishment to speak and so am I.

The pride of New Jersey has been insulted. The federally licensed airways have been used for racial invective. It wasn't a mistaken utterance out of character. It was part of a pattern of failed character.

Where are the voices? Governor? Senators? Congressmen? Demand that the FCC impose sanctions. Insist that the corporate ownership take action. The public airways are for free speech but they're not available to demean, insult and divide the very people who own them.

know that Imus is powerful and attacking him has a price. That's why they call it leadership.

Torricelli on Imus