Virginia Tech Shooting, Bloomberg

Does the deadliest school shooting in American history – at 31 people, plus the gunman,
at Virginia Tech earlier today, create an opportunity for mayor Bloomberg to talk about gun violence?

The shooting in Virginia hadn’t happened when Bloomberg had his Q&A earlier today. A spokesman for Bloomberg told me a few minutes ago there was no comment at this time.

“The mayor’s got to be exceptionally careful,” said Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf. “It cannot look like he is stepping on the tragedy. He’s got to wait for it to clear a little bit before he steps up and talks about guns. But ultimately he will be able to use this as an example of what he’s been talking about. Not today. Or tomorrow. He’s got to let this clear.”

Does it matter if the gun was illegally obtained by the Virginia Tech shooter?

“It matters that the gun was available. We don’t know enough yet about the person who had the weapon. How did he obtain it?”

He added, “Any political person who gets in the middle of this right now while the bodies are still warm is making a major mistake,” Virginia Tech Shooting, Bloomberg