Weinberg Team on the primary

Statement from State Senator Loretta Weinberg, Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, and Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle on the Democratic primary:

As we await the court’s ruling on the final outcome of the Bergen County Democratic Primary ballot on May 4, we would like to make our position clear.

From the very start of this campaign we have been committed to making our party stronger by making it more open and inclusive. That hasn’t and never will change.

To that end we created the Real Bergen Democrats as a vehicle for bottom up reform. We never agreed to dismantle that line and we continue to strongly support all the local municipal candidates running as Real Bergen Democrats.

We have no doubt, as all objective observers agree, that we would have decisively won a contested primary. That is why we agreed to accept the resignations of the BCDO supported legislative candidates whose continued candidacies would have caused enormous resources to be squandered only to end up where we are now. Therefore, we agreed to move to the BCDO column.

However, the BCDO never submitted the proper paperwork to our slate in order to legally move our ballot position. As a matter of fact, the BCDO twice sent us paperwork that was incorrect, and if filed, would likely have resulted in the disqualification of all of our candidacies.

The current situation is solely the result of the BCDO’s mishandling of the legal process required to change ballot positions. We always were, and still are, prepared to stand by our agreement to move into the BCDO column as long as the move meets all legal requirements and preserves the right of the Real Bergen Democrats County and Municipal Candidates to run in a unified column.

Weinberg Team on the primary