Weiner in the Driver's Seat on Income Disclosure

Rep. Anthony Weiner released some figures from his latest tax filing, making him the first of the prospective 2009 mayoral candidates to do so.

According to his office, Weiner earned $156,588 of income last year, paid $14,368 in New York City and State taxes and $26,381 in federal taxes.

That’s more specific than the financial report that city officials are required to file with the city Conflict of Interest Board.

Those reports only give amount ranges ($5,000 to $10,000) instead of specific dollar amounts. And they’re not always easy to access: unless they’re released voluntarily, it takes a Freedom of Information Law request to get to them.

Also, according to a COIB spokesperson, candidates running for mayor only have to file those financial reports for the year in which they’re running.

UPDATE: I should have noted that Weiner’s full tax return is available, to journalists, upon request. Weiner in the Driver's Seat on Income Disclosure