Weiner Really Annoys Bloomberg on Congestion Pricing [updated]

One more interesting moment from the Bloomberg press conference earlier…

When asked by a reporter about congestion pricing at a news conference at a Bronx elementary school, Mayor Bloomberg singled one early, hard-line opponent of the plan for a tongue-lashing.

"Well, I only know one person who ostensibly is a candidate who is opposed to it," he said, referring to Representative and 2009 mayoral contender Anthony Weiner. "He was opposed to it before he even heard what it was about. I assume he won't remain a candidate with that kind–with that in-depth analysis for very long."

Weiner, in a press conference one day before the plan was officially unveiled, called it a "tax" on middle class and poor New Yorkers.

UPDATE: Here's what Weiner told NY1 about Bloomberg and congestion pricing in an interview pricing in an interview at 7:00 and 10:00 p.m.

"I don't think he's dishonest. I think he's wrong. And by the way I welcome the chance to have an honest debate about this. So much of this information has been dishonest. Let's face it; what this is really about is tolling the East River bridges." Weiner Really Annoys Bloomberg on Congestion Pricing [updated]