Working All the Ankles: Semi-Famous Shiver at Wollman

On Monday, April 9, a few brave celebrities strapped on skates and braved the ice at Central Park’s Wollman Rink to support Figure Skating in Harlem, a not-for-profit education program for would-be Tara Lipinskis.

The air was brisk. “This is too cold for me,” said erstwhile Destiny’s Child member and Miami resident Kelly Rowland, whose forthcoming album, Ms. Kelly, will be released in June. “I’m such a beach bum. I like to lay on the beach and chill.” The Transom resisted correcting her grammar and moved on to star Carson Kressley, who said he’s been airing things out for spring.

“I reorganize all of my sweaters and put them in little care packages and get them ready to go to summer camp, which is also known as storage!” Mr. Kressley said. “And I have a little tiny, teeny-weeny terrace and I put flowers out there—God, is that gay or what!”

Inside the skating house, Law & Order actress Mariska Hargitay was warming up with some macaroni and cheese. “My favorite thing is swimming—I’m a beach girl,” she said.

Nearby, longhaired American Idol star Constantine Maroulis was finishing a glass of red wine and gazing at Wollman owner Donald Trump, who was squinting at the crowd from a perch mid-rink. “Gosh, there’s so much I like to do, but we’ve been working so much,” he said, slipping mysteriously into the first-person plural. “We start this soap opera next week, and we just wrapped on the album, so I’ve”—phew—“sort of been in the Batcave for a while,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the nice weather.”

Working All the Ankles: Semi-Famous Shiver at Wollman