Also in the Observer: Clinton, Giuliani, Murdoch

Jason Horowitz reports Hillary Clinton’s efforts to tamp down her front-runner-ness while campaigning in Iowa. “I noticed that when she was speaking, she tried to scan the crowd and look everyone in the eyes,” one voter said.

Matt Schuerman looks at the departure of MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow and wonders who wants that job anyway.

Chris Lehmann writes about how new military rules will curtail live-blogging from the battlefield.

Steve Kornacki says President Bush’s blunders overseas should have us rethinking the foreign policy successes of the first President Bush.

The anecdote about Ronald Reagan that Rudy Giuliani made during the presidential debate highlights “the distance between right-wing fantasy and historical reality,” says Joe Conason.

And Felix Gillette charts the family from which Rupert Murdoch wants to buy the Wall Street Journal and finds that it is made up of “small magazine owners, teachers, power-boat racers, philanthropists, farmers, roller-derby enthusiasts, male models, lawyers, a cappella singers and Montel Williams fans.”

Also in the Observer: Clinton, Giuliani, Murdoch