Also in the Observer on May 30…

Jason Horowitz examines how Hillary Clinton slowly turned into Barack Obama on the Iraq War issue.

Carl Bernsteins’ biography of Hillary Clinton is reviewed by Chris Lehman and Ana Marie Cox.

Can Alberto Gonzales be disbarred, asked Anna Schneider-Mayerson.

Steve Kornacki picks up on the lessons of John Kerry, whose Iraq policy, according to his former adviser, “was the kind of policy that can only succeed once you are already president.”


After the Times managing editor was hit by a car, the paper ran a “sort-of internal blog about Ms. Abramson’s progress,” reports Michael Calderone.

Chris Shott wonders if Coney Island is worth saving.

And Lizzy Ratner speaks to the man who wants to protect New York from the flood.

Also in the Observer on May 30…