An alternative to Shrek

We’ve got no beef with Shrek. In fact, we like the green ogre’s fairy-tale conundrums (and love that hilarious Puss in Boots!). But if you’re interested in animation designed for adult thrills, the movie to see is Paprika (in limited release, May 25).

Paprika is the alter ego of Dr. Atsuko Chiba, brilliant scientist by day and kick-ass warrior by night. After thieves take the “DC Mini” — a device that can transport you into people’s dreams and explore their thoughts — Chiba must enter the dreamworld as Paprika to recover it. But it’s not the caper backstory you’re here
for; it’s the delight writer and director Satoshi Kon takes in being free from reality’s restraints. Anything is possible in dreams — so too, apparently, with animation — and the filmmakers gleefully create spectacular psychedelic images (azure-colored butterflies flying out of faces, giant frogs on parade) and action sequences that will dazzle the brain.

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An alternative to Shrek