At (Pre-Endorsement) Fund-Raiser, Rudy Hits Hillary, McCain Hits Bush

At last night’s state Republican Party fund-raiser in Midtown, Rudy Giuliani took a shot at Hillary Clinton for telling the Associated Press, “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

“Here’s what I’m going to do. On behalf of the common good , we’re going to give things back to you,” Giuliani said. (Applause!)

Right before Giuliani launched into this line of criticism, he said Republicans were the “bolder” candidates because they appeared on MSNBC, CNN and Fox and Democrats were more selective about where they appeared.

John McCain appeared there also, and got an equally warm reception. Wandering back and forth behind the podium, McCain explained that the Iraq War had been mishandled and it was a long, tough struggle.

“I’m not telling you 'mission accomplished.' I’m not telling you 'last throes.' I’m not telling you 'a few dead enders.'”

He went on to say that setting a date for withdrawing troops was setting a date for surrender.

Neither got into social issues like abortion. Afterwards, state Conservative Party chairman Michael Long told me they weren’t avoiding the issue, but were simply concentrating on other ones.

Neither he nor the state Republican Party have endorsed a presidential candidate yet. But now that the major fund-raiser for the state GOP is over, and the tickets have been paid for, look for the endorsements to start coming in fairly short order.

At (Pre-Endorsement) Fund-Raiser, Rudy Hits Hillary, McCain Hits Bush