Beck wants more thorough dual office holding ban

Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck said that the ban on dual office holding currently being considered in Trenton is not good enough.

Beck is running for State Senate in the 12th District against incumbent Ellen Karcher, a seat that Republicans see as a possible pickup.

The current bill under consideration grandfathers in current dual office holders, who will be allowed to keep all their jobs until they lose an election or do not run. An alternative bill that Beck introduced in January, Assembly Bill A-3972, would force those who already hold more than one elected or appointed office to resign from all but one post

“We need to eliminate dual office holding and we need to do so in a way that does not allow this troubling problem to fester for years to come,” said Beck.

Beck wants the legislature to either amend Panter’s bill to close that loophole or pass her bill instead.

“If we are going to fast-track a dual office holding ban, it should be one that actually solves this problem,” said Beck. “Not one specifically designed to create loopholes.”

Beck wants more thorough dual office holding ban