Bloomberg and the UFT

During an April 9 press conference at the Tweed Courthouse, Mike
Bloomberg said there were some “special interest” groups opposing his education

Who, specifically?

“Number one, there's the UFT. All they want to do is roll it back,” he said, refering the United Federation of Teachers.
Yesterday, the president of the UFT joined Mayor Bloomberg in a new
conference in the Bronx.

Change of heart?

“I think what I said was they’re a single issue group,” Bloomberg said.
“And the other group I referred to is a single-issue group. But I don’t
think you should ever confuse that with the fact that if you go back
and look for the last five years, joint with the UFT, we have raised
teacher salaries by 43 percent. We have changed the school system an
awful lot--thank you very much. We have changed the school system for
the better. Test scores are up; graduation rates are up. And I’ve never
said we do it alone. You could never do this without the UFT. And as a
friend, it happens to be that Ms. Weingarten and I have remained
friends through all of this and will probably remain friends long after
I complete my term in office and she works goodness knows where.”
Bloomberg and the UFT