Bloomberg Plugs Hybrid Taxis, Yassky

In case you missed it, Mike Bloomberg was on The Today Show this morning to announce that the city will phase in hybrid vehicles into the city’s taxi fleet over the next five years as part of his overall effort to reduce local pollution.

The mayor was joined by two other guests. One was Yahoo’s Vice President of Marketing, Patrick Crane, whose company donated 10 hybrid taxis to the city.

“And," the mayor said, by way of announcing the other, "most importantly, this is City Councilman David Yassky, who’s been leading the environmental fight here in the city."

Not a bad plug for Yassky on national television.

Afterwards, Matt Lauer used the occasion to ask about 2008.

“So the taxis next year have to meet emission standards, just in time for you to run for President,” he said.


Bloomberg’s response: “Well, part of your statement is right.”

Bloomberg Plugs Hybrid Taxis, Yassky