Bramnick prepares for new role

Running for Assembly Minority Whip, Jon Bramnick says he would like to reflect the diversity in his caucus by understanding and properly representing ideas from across the GOP spectrum to all members of his party and to his party’s leadership.

The Westfield attorney, who is completing his third term in the Legislature and now serves as Assistant Whip, believes he has the votes to succeed Assemblyman Francis J. Blee the the third-ranking Assembly GOP leadership post, behind Minority Leader Alex DeCroce and Minority Conference Leader Peter Biondi.

"The whip tries to communicate to the members of the caucus why leadership has gone a certain way on an issue," said Bramnick. "Then he gets information from the members on why or why not they’d support party leadership. He’s a liaison between leadership and the caucus, and I like that because I think I’m fair enough to different people’s positions."
Bramnick is generally seen as a moderate in the party.

"It’s not to twist arms," he said of his prospective role. "It’s to understand different wings of the party, and communicate and come to a consensus. I hope to do so in a way that gives me credibility with both leadership and the members." Bramnick prepares for new role