Bronx Invitation to Obama

Assemblyman Vito Lopez of Brooklyn isn't the only Democratic county leader in the city looking to meet with Senator Barack Obama. Above is a letter that the Bronx Democratic leader, Assemblyman Jose Rivera, sent to Obama inviting him to speak in the Bronx last year.

Obama never showed, but Rivera is still uncommitted in the presidential race, I'm told.

But the invitation indicates an unusual willingness to engage in explicitly political acivities with Hillary Clinton's biggest rival for the Democartic nomination in 2008.

From the letter:

"We have a saying here in New York that 'The Road to Albany Runs Through the Bronx," but for the next Presidential election I would like to change that by saying, 'The Road to Washington Runs Through the Bronx.' Senator Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have already made numerous visits to our community because they understand the tremendous strength the Democratic Party has in The Bronx."

And the following:

"This will be a great cultural event and an even better way to connect to an extremely large Democratic voting base."

A person close to Rivera said the chairman isn't for or against Clinton, but is waiting to hear more information from her, Obama and the other Democratic candidates before making a decision.

Rivera is particularly interested, this person said, in their stances on the Iraq War and immigration. Bronx Invitation to Obama