Brooklyn Judicial Races: The County Decides

Members of the Brooklyn County Democratic Organization met last night to discuss a number of judicial races coming up in that borough.

Corruption — or the suspicion of corruption — was a constant subtext in Brooklyn judicial politics for some time. It's what brought down former county Democratic leader Clarence Norman as well as a couple of judges.

But one thing hasn't changed, despite everything: it's still much better in these races to have the county's support than not.

According to one person who was at the meeting, here are the list of judicial candidates who will be running with Democratic establishment support:

In four county-wide civil court races, the party is endorsing incumbent Debra Silber for re-election; Fred Arriaga, who is the counsel to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz; and Carolyn Wade and Robin Shears, who are both law clerks to current Brooklyn Supreme Court judges.

In three local judicial races, the county endorsed Dawn Jiminez for the district covering Williamsburg; Cathy Levine for the district covering Flatbush and Charles Finklestein for the area covering Borough Park and Flatbush.

There will be another meeting in about two weeks to consider an endorsement for a Surrogate's Court race. Running for that seat are: Bob Miller, a local attorney, current Supreme Court Judge Diana Johnson (who lost a race by 102 votes last time to Margaritz Lopez Torres), Leo Beitner, counsel to the surrogate's office in Brooklyn and Civil Court Judge Bernard Graham. Brooklyn Judicial Races: The County Decides