Carroll on Congestion Polling

OK, last post of the day on that congestion pricing poll…

Quinnipiac pollster Mickey Carroll defended his findings showing New York City voters split over congestion pricing, with Manhattan heavily in favor and the outer boroughs heavily against.

Critics said he ensured a negative result by failing to explain the benefits of congestion pricing and simply asking people if they would pay for something that is currently free.

“What they want you to do is basically a push poll,” Carroll just told me. Congestion pricing is “not something they don’t know anything about. It’s at least in public discussion.”

“By asking people their opinion, you get their opinion,” he said.

But Carroll said his critics weren’t wrong to say more information about congestion pricing should have been included.

“There’s nothing the matter with push polls, as long as it's honest information,” he said. “

So where is the line between providing in-depth, honest information, and leading people to a result you want?

“I don’t know. That’s a good question.”

Carroll on Congestion Polling