Corzine’s 100,000 Low Income Housing Units: Another Nail in New Jersey’s Coffin

Coming to your neighborhood

The centerpiece of the Corzine “Housing Agenda” is 100,000 taxpayer funded, government mandated Low Income…oops, excuse me for being politically incorrect, I meant to say “Affordable Housing Units.”

Corzine’s spin doctors say New Jersey “needs” these units so our state’s economy will grow and prosper and keep “young people” in New Jersey.

This is pure, unadulterated liberal nonsense. The last thing I dream of, work for and anticipate is the day my daughters graduate from college that they get to move into a government funded housing project.

Public housing has been a failure since it was started in this country under Franklin Roosevelt and accelerated under Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and even Richard Nixon. It left behind a legacy of crime-ridden urban hell-holes, wrecked property values and untold victims of violent crimes.

Now Corzine wants to force the same failed social engineering policies that destroyed Newark, Paterson, Camden and so many other great cities on every suburban town in New Jersey.
In the last five years 197,000 residents have left New Jersey. So who will really occupy these government barracks? Read on…

Governor Corzine’s Department of Community Affairs “Housing Policy and Status Report” lays out exactly who will be targeted for these 100,000 units (see page 17)

• Individuals leaving the state correctional system to be mainstreamed into society.
• Youth aging out of the juvenile detention system
• Those covered under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes severely mentally ill, “recovering” drug addicts and hard-core alcoholics.
• Homeless and hard to house.

Corzine’s liberals also play coy when it comes to the subject of illegal aliens getting some of these taxpayer built apartments. The state is also proposing a “Municipal Land Acquisition Program” that involves using tax money and Eminent Domain to take people’s one family homes to build these housing projects — giving destroying neighborhoods a whole new meaning.

As long as Corzine and his legislative lackeys remain in power, no one is safe. It’s up to the heretofore impotent Republican minority to stand up for our homeowners for once, because our neighborhoods are worth fighting for. Republicans will not win elections in this state until our party stands up for the working man and woman against a reckless and irresponsible state government looking to destroy every single stable family neighborhood in our state to promote their wacky extremist left-wing agenda.

Corzine’s 100,000 Low Income Housing Units: Another Nail in New Jersey’s Coffin