Cuomo-MySpace Agreement, Shades of Pirro

MySpace will release information about 6,000 sex offenders who currently use the site to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and law enforcement agencies, who will then determine whether any of the offenders have violated their probation by contacting minors.

"Working together, my office and MySpace have taken another strong step to help protect our children, and reign in sexual predators using the internet to find their prey," said Cuomo said in a public statement.

The statement goes on to say that "The attorneys general commended MySpace for taking these important safety steps."

Interestingly, this very issue was first raised last year by Cuomo's Republican rival Jeanine Pirro, who over the course of the attorney general campaign may well have uttered the phrase "sexual predators" more frequently than any candidate for any office in history.

Not that her efforts got anywhere. When she went after MySpace, the story was played at the time as a a revenge-driven stunt aimed at its corporate owners, News Corp and Rupert Murdoch, whose New York Post had taken to skewering Pirro and her eventful marriage on a near-daily basis.


Cuomo-MySpace Agreement, Shades of Pirro