Dear Commenters: We’re Sorry

Since its inception, the Politicker has had a proud tradition of maintaining a public dialogue with readers in the comments section. That tradition has suffered a bit in recent weeks as we’ve worked through technical issues relating to the re-launch of

Chief among the complaints we’ve heard from readers and commenters is that it’s been difficult to find the comments, and even more difficult to figure out how to post them.

Hopefully, with the design changes that (finally) went into effect today, those problems will be less of an issue.

There’s still one difference between the new site and the old site, which is that a one-time registration process is required for commenters. (This is not an evil marketing ploy, according to our tech people, but rather a measure that’s necessary to keep spam out of the comments.)

As always, readers who register will still be able to comment anonymously, pseudonymously or otherwise. We and our readers will never know who you are unless you want us to know.

Whatever your preferred means of participating, the message is this:

Please come back. It hasn’t been the same without you.

Dear Commenters: We’re Sorry